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Transactional SMS API is of two types, i.e., implicit and explicit. Implicit API can only be used to send SMS, such as OPT and notifications to your registered customers. On the contrary, explicit

Transactional SMS is used to send Transactional Message to your users who have signed up, subscribed to your newsletter, or given their consent.

Since today’s leads demand personalised and fascinating messages, QuickMessage, as a hub of the transactional SMS service providers, takes care of this too. It ensures you send a message directly to your customers. Moreover, our SMS service allows you to seamlessly send updates, notifications, and insights to all your customers worldwide.

How To Maximize Your Customer Engagement with Transactional SMS

SMS marketing is one of the most relevant tools used in marketing today to promote businesses and services of a business. It involves transactional SMS that businesses send through text messages for marketing and advertising purposes for business promotion. It elevates brand awareness, increases engagement and endorses e-commerce. Transactional SMS service is a casual form of SMS marketing that is best fit for many forms of business.

The Ultimate Guide to Transactional SMS

SMS marketing includes promotional SMS. Text messages that companies send for advertising or marketing purposes to promote the product, brand or service of a business. Transactional SMS will increase engagement, raise brand visibility and promote eCommerce.

What is Transactional SMS and Why Should You Use it In 2024?

  1. Transactional SMS are the same as transactional emails, which are automated messages including time-sensitive details about a transaction or an account. They are triggered by an action or account activity by a user. Transactional SMS is user-friendly.
  2. Transactional SMS includes distributing automated messages to customers as a result of an event or in case of any request by a customer or action. A few examples of transactional messaging are sending order confirmations, notifications of account balance, real-time alerts and one-time passwords (OTP) for two-factor authentication (2FA).
  3. Customers have the habit of receiving such notifications via messages only. Data reveals that SMS has maximum reach to the customers compared to other communication channels. Around 98% of the entire global population have their own mobile, 98% open rate for SMS and 95% of them read the text message within 3 minutes of receiving it. Due to its economical cost, Transactional SMS in Delhi is also a very cost-effective communication channel.
Transactional SMS

Use Cases of Transactional SMS

SMS for Booking Confirmations

Automate ticket booking procedures, reservations, and confirmation processes to enhance user experience.

SMS for Sales Engagement

Utilise SMS marketing to generate high-quality leads and drive more sales, by capturing their attention and engagement rate.

SMS for IT Notifications

Integrate transactional SMS service with your technology heap and send automated IT notifications for more trustworthy operations.

Order confirmation and status updates

A transactional message provides an order confirmation to the users. They also give updates on whether the transaction is processed or failed.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication helps you add security to the user’s registration process by sending an authentication code to a phone number or verified email address.


Instantly send an SMS confirming the booking time and location when someone books an appointment with your business.

Welcome SMS

Send new users a welcome text message when they sign up with your portal for the first time (online or in-store).


We prioritise your and your customer’s data. Thus, we have introduced this One-Time-Password (OPT) SMS feature to make your transaction even more secure.

Delivery status messages

Food service businesses or stores may text clients to tell them to come and get it. Also, you can send messages that your order was delivered.


Types of Transactional SMS

Here are the different types of Transactional SMS that include:


One-time passwords (OTPs)

Transactional SMS is used to send OTP (One-time passwords) to clients to increase the security of your platform.


Booking cancellations or confirmations

This is another type of transactional SMS that helps send transactional SMS to clients to remind them of their booking status related to flight, train ticket, hotel stay, or any other activity.

Welcome SMS

Informative Notices

You may convey any message or important updates related to your product, brand or service to your clients through transactional SMS. You may send them important discount updates through SMS marketing.

Welcome SMS

General Alerts

You can send transactional SMS as alerts to your clients for specific actions that will assist your organization in catering to effective customer service.

Features of Transactional SMS

Here are important features of transactional SMS that include:

Delivery Reports

Companies get in-detail delivery reports that help them track the status of sent messages and help to keep accountability.

24*7 SMS service

Time does not matter for a user when ordering products or making transactions. Transactional messages can be sent to the users in real time. Companies can send alerts to users at any time.

Connects DND Customers

Another feature of transactional SMS services is that one can connect with the DND-administered clients and send auspicious information to them.

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Benefits of Transactional SMS

Necessary for Commercial Sectors

Transactional SMS is the best channel for all companies and commercial sectors. For example, railways may send PNR status and ticket confirmation.

Increased Open Rates

SMS boasts high open rates compared to other communication platforms. There are more chances that transactional messages will be opened and read by users.

People Read it Fast

As per VentureBeat, more than 90% of people read an instant message within the initial three minutes, with an open pace of 98%, essentially higher than email showcasing.

Data Conveyance in brief

The transactional message sends a message instantly to the clients in a brief form. This is a high-value-based SMS channel that helps increase customer engagement.

Sender ID Customization

SMS marketing helps companies customize the sender ID, which makes sure that readers may identify the message source and assures users that it is genuine.

Information security

Transactional SMS is used for safety purposes such as ensuring the safety of sensitive details or catering to OTPs for online payments.

It is a Convenient Medium

Individuals spend roughly 3.5 hours each day on their cell phones, making it a profoundly advantageous stage to arrive at your interest group.

It helps people

Value-based SMS blast assumes an urgent part in different correspondence cooperations with your image, eventually adding to the foundation of a solid brand personality.

Enhance Your User Experience

Through a Variety of Solutions

The transactional SMS API offers a variety of benefits to you and your clients.


Efficient Technical Project Management

Our client service representatives are available round the clock to help you with the setup and usage of our aids. Moreover, you just have to tap into the integration features and expanded support offered by our developer section.


Establish Direct Connections With Top Telcos

Avail yourself of the multiple 2-way SMS portals, including Airtel, MTNL, BSNL, Tata, Reliance, Idea, and so on for optimum interaction.


Swift Communication with 12,000 TPS

You won’t get this instant SMS service anywhere else! We’re not only limited to Delhi but also have the best transactional SMS service providers in India.



We are available round the clock to assist you with your message delivery system. If any inconvenience arises, just get in touch with us!


User-Friendly Web

Improve on your correspondence endeavours in a hurry and wipe out the issue of transferring huge documents or managing to Succeed in designing. Our easy-to-understand web board makes personalization easy.


Timely Information Transmission

Value-based system to receive SMS online guarantees the ideal conveyance of direct data, on account of computerization. Send SMS messages right away without the requirement for manual information.


Global Reach with 1,000+ International Connections

In no time, we convey transactional SMS to more than 225 nations, growing your worldwide reach.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Conditional way-2 SMS goes past straightforward cautions and notices; they work with the foundation of a trustworthy correspondence channel among organisations and their clients.

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Transactional SMS Service Provider – FAQ’s

What is the difference between a transactional and a promotional SMS service?
Transactional or value-based messages have data about your administrations for clients who are as of now utilising them, similar to ledger balance refreshes. Special advertisement messages advance your image, like offers.
What is the purpose of a transactional SMS?
Transactional SMS comes in the form of push notifications, alerts, text messages and more. The purpose of a transactional SMS is to increase customer engagement, brand identity and overall a better customer experience for your clients.
How Can Transactional SMS Improve Customer Engagement?
Transactional SMS offers relevant details and timely information to clients. It helps to boost customer engagement and drive sales. For instance, an e-commerce site may send text to clients with order confirmation or discount updates.
How do you choose the right transactional SMS service provider?
You must look for an SMS Service Provider that provides message delivery reports, real-time analytics and click-through rates. It may assist you in optimizing future messaging depending on previous performance. SMS marketing providers should aim for a delivery rate of 95 percent when selecting the right transactional messages. Service provider
What is the difference between SMS and SMTP?
An SMS blast is sent through a passage straightforwardly to the mobile phone transporter, while an SMTP message, similar to some other email, skips from one server to another (this can frequently happen multiple times) before it shows up.
Is OPT a transactional SMS?
Yes, OTP SMS is a piece of Value-based SMS course, so it’s something similar. It permits sending significant messages like OTP, updates, warnings, updates and wishes to enlisted/existing clients. Limited-time SMS doesn’t fall under this course.
Can I legally send a text message to my customers?
Under the TCPA, advertisers should get express composed assent before sending a special way-2 message to their clients. They can get this assent in more ways than one, for example, requesting that their clients pick in by messaging a watchword to a one-of-a-kind shortcode or finishing up a web-based structure.
Is texting a transactional communication?
Conditional messages can be conveyed by email, post, call and some informing stages (like Messenger) as well as SMS. Not this multitude of channels are advantageous for this reason. Envision an Online business sending a request affirmation by post.